Cambridge University Press

Feb 18, 2022 | Testimonials

The team’s knowledge of ScholarOne Manuscripts is incredibly comprehensive.– Cambridge University Press

“We currently use the services of The Editorial Hub Ltd for a number of our titles and we have been greatly impressed by the quality of their work. The team’s knowledge of ScholarOne Manuscripts is incredibly comprehensive, as evidenced by their proficiency in running reports and training Editorial Board Members in the use of the system. The Editorial Hub Ltd has been quick to win the confidence of our Editors and we have no reservations in recommending their services.

“The Editorial Hub Ltd’s knowledge of ScholarOne and Editorial Manager makes them super-users, an indispensable skill providing efficient service, pro-actively streamlining and working collaboratively and in communication with our in-house Editors and Publishers.

“The Editorial Hub Ltd are extremely responsive even where urgency arises, adapting to immediate needs quickly, efficiently and with trust and accuracy. They are able to provide high-quality service for a high of number of journals, some with high submissions and quick turnarounds.

“I cannot recommend them enough for the service they provide: encyclopaedic and efficient!”

– Cambridge University Press