Our highly-experienced and skilled copy-editors provide a comprehensive service from light-touch editing, through standard editing, and right up to substantive editing and subsequent proofreading. We follow individual publication and/or client protocols and style guides, and can also create style guides for you.


‘Light-touch’ copy-editing addresses incorrect spelling, punctuation and grammar. References within the text are cross-checked, proper sequencing ensured, and a consistent style imposed (concerning, for example, fonts, hyphenation, capitalisation and spelling).

A standard edit also ensures key terms are used consistently and that there is a consistent style and tone. Minor changes will be made to ensure the text’s structure is correct (e.g., to headings), and that glossaries and indexes comply with the publication or publisher’s protocols.

More substantive editing involves changes to the text and structure to achieve better clarity and readability and suggesting more substantial additions and deletions.

Our proofreaders will check no errors remain in the spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting of manuscripts before publication.


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