Peer-Review Support

Our peer-review support service provides proficient running of the more administrative parts of the workflow.

Peer-Review Support


Peer-review support could include thorough handling of submissions checklists, ensuring papers are submitted in the correct format, checking that author questions have been correctly answered, ensuring associated files are correctly supplied, and sending decision letters. Using your preferred peer-review system, we process the most administrative tasks efficiently, accurately and promptly.

“I have been working with The Editorial Hub Ltd for some years now, and am most impressed with the quality of the help their staff give. Nothing I ask is too much of them, and they do show initiative when necessary. We had an excessive number of papers during the earlier months of the Covid epidemic which required a lot of extra work, all of which was dealt with most efficiently. Mutual friendliness and humour are necessary in a good working relationship, and there has been an abundance of that between me and my colleagues in The Editorial Hub Ltd. Clearly, I am more than impressed!”


Epidemiology and Infection

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Is this service right for you?

Our peer-review support service is ideal for freeing up your in-house staff by allowing us to process the most administrative tasks. The core administration tasks are time-consuming, so outsourcing to The Editorial Hub Ltd frees up time for your in-house team to focus on other aspects of journal management and development.

With our considerable experience and expertise, we are adept at stepping in to support your team. This service can be offered as ongoing support or as short- or longer-term cover for holidays, sickness, maternity leave or during periods of in-house vacancies.

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