Peer-Review Management

Our peer-review management service entails the outsourcing of the day-to-day running of the journal peer-review process entirely to us.

Peer-Review Management

We develop productive relationships with our clients to ensure the smooth running of journals and the expedient resolution of any issues. We work closely with editors, authors and reviewers to ensure manuscripts move through the peer-review process as swiftly and as efficiently as possible, right from submission to final decision, and on to Production.

We routinely quality-check manuscripts upon submission, revision and acceptance, and ensure all associated files (e.g., supplementary data, figures and videos) are present and correct. We rigorously adhere to checklists to make sure that plagiarism checks are undertaken; funding, publishing license and Ringgold information are correct; future processing charges are logged; companion articles are linked together; preprint DOIs are validated, and detailed manuscript checks are undertaken as per journal instructions.

We tailor our services to the specific requirements of each client.


Our team members are:

  • Experienced in subscription, open access and hybrid publication models.
  • Competent in using a wide selection of peer-review systems (including ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, Open Journal Systems, epress, eJournalPress, AllenPress and ReView) and can assist editors, reviewers and authors with resolving system-related problems.
  • Equipped to work on journals that have single-blind, double-blind, triple-blind and fully- and partially- open access review models.
  • Ready to provide peer-review services to journals that are solely or co-owned by societies, institutions and/or publishers.
  • Capable of supporting various editorial board tier structures and nomenclature, decision-making processes and review workflows.
  • Keen to understand your journal’s specific arrangements before commencing work

We manage the journal mailboxes and create easy-to-understand reports ready for editorial board review and discussion, plus ad hoc reports as/when required.

We work closely with Production Editors to ensure the seamless transition of accepted manuscripts from the end of peer review to the start of the publication process.

“The Editorial Hub Ltd’s knowledge of ScholarOne and Editorial Manager makes them super-users, an indispensable skill providing efficient service, pro-actively streamlining and working collaboratively and in communication with our in-house Editors and Publishers.


“The Editorial Hub Ltd are extremely responsive even where urgency arises, adapting to immediate needs quickly, efficiently and with trust and accuracy. They are able to provide high-quality service for a high number of journals, some with high submissions and quick turnarounds.


“I cannot recommend them enough for the service they provide: encyclopaedic and efficient!”


Cambridge University Press


Is this service right for you?

Our complete peer-review management service enables you to completely entrust the day-to-day running of your journal to our experts. Many clients outsource to us as a cost-effective alternative to recruiting and retaining in-house staff. Our experienced team are available to work 52 weeks a year, providing you with a reliable and continuous service. We work efficiently, with all time accounted for.

This service can be offered on an ongoing basis or as short- or longer-term cover for holiday, sickness, maternity leave or as a stop-gap pending in-house recruitment.

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