Q&A on The Editorial Hub

Sep 15, 2022 | Company information and news

The Editorial Hub Ltd has been going from strength to strength since it started in 2014, so we caught up with our founders, Steph and Naomi, to find out a little bit more…


Q. Why did you decide to start The Editorial Hub?

We decided that we wanted to work together and set up a business together. We both believed that there were a lot of opportunities to work with publishers, societies and institutions to provide them with editorial management services.


Q. What were the first steps towards setting it up – what was exciting/scary?

We got ourselves out to networking events, and started approaching publishers and contacts. It was extremely scary, but when we got that first call we were beside ourselves with excitement!


Q. What are you most proud of achieving with The Editorial Hub?

Being able to work with such dynamic freelancers every day and providing work for them all. And it’s always exciting to win new work!

Suddenly realising that The Editorial Hub was not only a marketable enterprise, but one that was being recognised as a leading global supplier. That was amazing.


Q. What’s next for The Editorial Hub?

We have lots of new business coming our way and …… watch this space!