About our Founders

Nov 15, 2022 | Company information and news

Naomi Conneely and Stephanie Sacharov started The Editorial Hub Ltd back in 2014 and the company is now recognised as a leading global supplier. With the launch of our new website this year we thought it’d be a good opportunity to find out a little bit more about our founders!


How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

Naomi: 35 years – an introduction through family.

Steph: Although we both went to the same school in Harrogate (different years).


What made you decide to start a business together?

Steph: An interesting chat in Pret A Manager at Bicester Village!

Naomi: I knew we would make a formidable working partnership and the rest is history.


What’s your favourite thing about working together?

Steph: That we can chat for hours about absolutely anything and everything!

Naomi: Ditto the above, my bestie! We do everything we can to help each other out and we trust each other. We are totally comfortable with each other and have open and honest conversations.


What’s the worst thing about it?

Steph: Forgetting to not talk shop when on a social night/day out and the things we can work out when we are.

Naomi: Getting the giggles at the most inappropriate moments and just not being able to stop. Living so far apart (though we do make the most of our time when we do get together). When speaking to new clients whilst having to silence noisy dogs who decide that’s the moment they are going to chase their tails or bark at something!


You guys work really well together, what do you each think is the key ingredient to a good management duo?

Steph: Taking the ‘mickey’ at every opportunity first and foremost! Knowing how the other would handle a situation so we are on the same page, which only comes from having a long history with that person.

Naomi: We each have things that we are better at. And we do talk every day at least once (sometimes for the whole day….!).